Wallpaper in Modern Design

Wallpaper is a growing trend in modern interior decoration. The use of wallpaper in interior design dates back to 16th century Europe, and even earlier in Asian regions. However, much has changed in the past few hundred years. Early wall coverings were mainly silk and tapestry, which only the very rich could afford. Since then, innovation in technology now allows for mass production of many types of wallpaper, with a variety of materials and designs to choose from. Some of the most popular materials for interior design today are cellulose, cotton fibre, vinyl, fibreglass, bamboo, and textiles. Designs for wallpaper are wide in range, and can be applied to many different styles. Let’s take a look at some popular wallpaper designs and how they are used with different styles of design.

Wallpaper in Contemporary Design

Contemporary interiors work well with subtle wallpapers, which add an interesting backdrop to a clean and simple room. HGTV’s article on top interior design trends mentions that geometric designs are also becoming more popular for contemporary homes. The following photos show how simple designs can add richness and layers to a contemporary space.

modern contemporary wallpaper

modern wallpaper

contemporary wallpaper

Transitional/Modern Design

Ornamental wallpaper designs add elegance and give a classical twist to modern homes. Because of this trend, one material that is becoming more popular in this area is Damask style vinyl. These flowery designs add a renaissance feel and also draw attention to certain areas of the room. However, it is important to keep the colour contrast light to not overpower the delicate elements.

transitional design wallpaper

transitional wallpaper design

transitional wallpaper

Neoclassic/Baroque Design

When decorating your home with heavier, classic styles, vinyl is a good choice of material. High contrast, gold or silver designs add a nice backdrop to mouldings, panels, and other accessories. Flowery designs are also common for this style. These next photos show how these designs can be applied.

neoclassical baroque wallpaper

neo baroque wallpaper

neo baroque wallpapers