Why Hillcrest is the best Mall in Richmond Hill

Hillcrest Mall is a large shopping retail centre located in the town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, near Vaughan Ontario, around the York Region in the GTA. Its situated on the northwest corner of Carrville Road and Yonge Street with about 137 different stores included inside. These stores include everything from shops, services and restaurants offering clothing for both men and women and also children, food options from high quality luxury restaurants to ordinary food chains that you can find just about anywhere. But also, this mall has nice options for entertainment and other services, such as phone and internet providers, and anything else you might find at any mall.

The mall was built in 1974, which is a pretty long time ago for a mall of this sort. It still manages to look fresh and amazing inside, without aging too much since its construction. Interior Design for this mall was done by Robert Meiklejohn, and we’d have to say that he did a particularly stunning job with the design and decoration of the interior. The lighting is also quite spectacular at the mall, as they have minimal signage, light absorbing surfaces located in the parking lot and also there are very creative shielded lights in the parking lot which has been very useful in mitigating light pollution in the area. That’s pretty environmentally friendly, if you ask us.

With over 100 stores occupying over fifty thousand metres squares at the grand opening ceremony back in 1974, this mall was quite the stand out building of its time. 100 stores is a lot for back in those days. Some really cool things about this mall include the indoor movie theatre owned by Cineplex Odeon Corporation, but this has now been replaced by Goodlife Fitness, which is a full-service gym made for all people.

Since then, some interesting changes have happened in Hillcrest commercial center in Richmond Hill, including the opening and closing of some key stores in the mall. Some of these include Kmart, which was closed back in 1998 and replaced by the store we know as Zellers. Many years later, Zellers actually closed and was subsequently replaced by Target. As we all know, Target’s expansion was a failure in the Canadian market, which means that the company had to leave Canada and close down  its location in Hillcrest mall and leave the Richmond Hill area and the GTA in general shortly after. Currently, all of these stores are gone and now exists a south expansion with other smaller stores, and no big box retailer like there once was. Even so, this mall is still a great place to visit for all of your shopping needs, as there are still many awesome stores for you to check out including H&M, sporting life, Hudson’s bay and sport check. Also, by the end of this year, there should be some new home stores including Marshalls and Home Sense to revamp the mall and make it more spectacular. New brands are also entering the commercial centre this fall including Okaidi, Miniso, West Coast Kids and Browns. We can’t wait to see these new brands and we wish them the best of luck. Read more at Best Mall around Richmond Hill.