Why Cineplex Cinemas Vaughan Rocks

Cineplex Cinemas is located in Woodbride, Vaughan, Ontario. It’s a massive location for a movie theatre, certainly the biggest in the area. The cinema is commonly known as Cineplex Colossus, for its huge size and expensive budget. The construction had a cost of over 30 million dollars to build, which is a pretty hefty amount for a cinema. It’s located off of Highway 400 and Highway 7, making it a very convenient location for most people living in North Toronto, and around Vaughan. These roads are highly accessible and easy to travel on. That probably explains part of the reason why the cinema has such high traffic, it’s extremely popular and commonly sold out for opening night shows. The design of the cinema is that of a UFO mother ship, which is placed on the roof and it flashes beams of light that can be spectated from all around the Woodbridge area. This design is brilliant, as it’s both eye catching and also a pristine example of architectural skill. I applaud them greatly for it. The theatre is equipped with awesome green Martian ATM’s and many science fiction based and space themed decorations and memorabilia situated all around the lobby area and also hanging from the ceiling fixtures. One other awesome quality of this theatre is the nineteen huge and curved screens that have THX capabilities, and the giant six story IMAX theatres. On top of this, there is a VIP section referred to as The Pod which offers all kinds of special entertainment for the crowd, in turn for a higher ticket price. The Pod offers alcoholic beverages and custom order food, along with some extremely comfortable seating arrangements and a private atmosphere. One really cool piece of trivia about Cineplex Cinemas in Woodbridge Vaughan is that the day it opened with its Martian spaced theme design, there were also releases for My Favorite Martian, which is a popular movie by Disney, and the launch and opening of the building came only a few months before the Star Wars movie came out.

Currently, there are some great movies out that you should go check out with your family, friends or kids this evening to have a great time. Some of the more popular ones which you may have heard of include Incredibles 2, Oceans 8, Jurrassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Solo: A Star Wars Story. This fantastic cinema always offers the highest demanded, most premier movies to perfectly cater to the viewing experience of all customers. We never go to the theatre without feeling satisfied with the current movie options as well as the many amenities that are available to us. To get the best possible experience with your family, consider purchasing one of the many combos that are sold at the theatre. These combos offer popcorn, a drink, and candy of your choice. You can also add butter or flavoring powder to your popcorn to enhance the experience. For more information about by Cineplex Colossus Rocks, check out this link for our Cineplex Cinemas Vaughan Guide.