Why Brampton is an amazing City

Brampton is a big city located the Peel Region in the GTA, Ontario, Canada. It’s considered one of the biggest and most popular suburbs outside of Toronto, especially because it has seen such high periods of population growth in recent times. Many people who are tired of the pollution and light areas of metropolitan Toronto move out to settle into larger houses outside of the Toronto area. Brampton certainly is one of these areas where people decide is a good place to live. Land and housing prices have been much lower in Brampton giving you much more value for the area and land you get, although recently housing prices have increased substantially. Even so, it’s hard to find such big and beautiful land plots in Toronto compared to the ones you might find in Brampton. The Mayfield area now is home to many new development plans, which includes houses with over 4000 square feet in size and other homes that have more than an acre of land attributed to the property. It’s no wonder why many residents of the GTA move to Brampton.

Even before the 1800’s the area was called the Chinguacousy Township which is now commonly referred to as downtown Brampton or the city centre, near Main Street and Queen Street. There once used to be an agricultural fair held in the city, but as of modern times, this has become known as the Brampton Fall Fair, where you can get delicious products and high quality handicrafts for all sorts and purposes. Another popular area of Brampton is Bramalea, which is also another old area of the city.

Brampton has been a great city for business, especially due to its close proximity to the Pearson International Airport and road infrastructure. The cost of land also made it an attractive area for business headquarters for large corporations to be built. Some of these companies include Loblaw Companies Ltd., Rogers telecommunications, Chrysler Canada Brampton Assembly Plant, and Canadian Tire Corp. These are some of the biggest names in Canadian business, so it’s quite a proud accomplishment for the city of Brampton to attract and host these wonderful companies.

Education is another great feature of Brampton, located near Vaughan ON. Although the only higher education facility it hosts is Sheridan College, there is already another university in the works, which should be completed sometime in the next ten years. The Peel District School Board is a big part of Brampton’s education system. It also has a sister-board which is the catholic version. This one called the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. There are some fantastic schools in the area, whether it’s an elementary school or a high school, Brampton has it all. Some of the best elementary schools in the area include St Patrick’s School, and Holy Spirit just to name a few. St Patrick’s School also has a church associated with it and is a great place to visit if you get the chance. The church is called St. Patrick’s Church. It’s located on The Gore Road and Mayfield Road, making it a great location. For more info, check out Why Brampton is Amazing