What to see in Westwood Square Malton Mississauga

Malton is neighbourhood located in Mississauga, in the GTA, Ontario. It is northwest of Toronto, and west of Brampton and Vaughan, ON. It’s a great area to live in and to work in, because of its close proximity to the Toronto Pearson International Airport. It’s also near by a CN rail line, which can take you to Toronto or around Canada, which is pretty convenient. Malton is a very nice area to visit for a day if you want to bring your family or kids with you, there are plenty of cool things to do and attractions to see that will keep you from getting bored. The boundaries of Malton are Highway 427 and Finch Avenue, as well as Airport Road and Steeles Avenue. The nice thing about Malton is that it’s right next to three major cities in the GTA. It borders all three cities of Mississauga, Toronto, and Brampton, which means it’s easily accessible and near some major highways to bring you to all of the places that you want to go to. Malton is home to some great sports teams, including the Malton Minor Hockey Association MMHA which exists all the way since the 1940’s. It’s a pretty great and prestigious team in the region and their games are always a pleasure to watch. For Lacrosse, the city also has a pretty good team for that sport. The Malton Renegades have been very successful in the past, although they no longer exist since the 1980’s. Now they are called Mississauga Minor lacrosse.

Westwood Square Mall is one of the most interesting areas to spend time in the Malton neighbourhood and the rest of Mississauga. It’s located off of Goreway Road and Morning Star Drive, near highway 427. Although it’s not the biggest mall in the GTA, it has its fair share of big box stores and plenty of shopping options inside to get all of the products and services you might need. It’s been around since the 70’s and has remained a popular attraction in the area since back then. Now, its home to many of the top brands that you might have heard of, as well as some local options, which means it’s good because it supports local business. Some of the best stores in the area include A & Y Watches and Jewellery, Glamour Trendz, and Wal-Mart. Whether you are just driving by the area or if you are a permanent resident in the Malton region, this may be the most proximal and convenient shopping centre for you to check out. Even if you are from far away, like in Vaughan or Richmond Hill, this place is still worth visiting or its great variety of businesses. Overall, there are a lot of nice things we can say about this wonderful neighbourhood and the commercial centres situated inside of it, but your best bet would be to check it out on your own and make your own impression of it. More at Near Westwood Square Malton Mississauga