What to do in Etobicoke Toronto

Etobicoke is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, part of the GTA. Its widely known as one of the close by suburban districts of Toronto, situated directly to the east, and also nearby Mississauga. To get to Vaughan from here, you will need to take one of the several highways which are available to you in Etobicoke, including the Highway 427, Highway 401, 409 and Queen Elizabeth Way. One interesting fact about this suburb is that when you try to pronounce its name, you will most likely get it wrong on the first try. The k and e letters are actually completely silent – you don’t pronounce them when you are trying to say Etobicoke. It’s funny because it always seems to bug the people who aren’t from the area because they can never get it right.

Some interesting features of Etobicoke are its close proximity to the beautiful lake Ontario, which borders the neighbourhood on the south side. The Humber river is also another border but on the west side of the city. It’s also close to Mississauga and the major airport of the GTA which is the Pearson airport. Before European settlers came in during the late 1700’s, this area was widely populated by Canadian First Nation’s communities such as the Ojibway, Odawa, and Potawatomi tribes. The name itself comes from some of the names given to it by these local native groups. Many of the first migrants were British royalty, which set up an area called Royal York Road on Lake Ontario.

There are some pretty good sports teams to check out if you are an Etobicoke resident or if you might just be visiting the area. They have the Etobicoke Kangaroos Australian football club, Serbian White Eagles FC, and the Toronto Patriots, all of which are certainly worthwhile, as they are quite masterful at the sports that they play.

Some places to check out in Etobicoke include Sherway Gardens, which is a fantastic mall in the area that houses many great stores from various categories, mainly including men and womens clothing stores and a nice food court where you can get a plethora of delicious dining options from fast food chains to full service restaurants, depending on what you want to eat and what the occasion may be. If you’d like to spend your evening watching a movie in the city, you might want to check out Cineplex Odeon Queensway, which has stunning architecture, and is one of the most developed theatres in all of the GTA. They have special vibrating and moving seats and overall a very nice atmosphere for those who are all in for entertainment in the evenings. The movie selection is always good and it’s definitely worth trying if even just once. Maybe you’d rather go bowling with some friends. If that’s the case, check out Planet Bowl; the prices are reasonable and it’s always a fun time to spend there. For more information, check out our informative post about What to do around Etobicoke Toronto.