Things to Do in Bolton

Bolton is a popular city located in the town of Caledon, which is part of the Region of Peel in the GTA, Ontario, Canada. Bolton is quite far away for many people living in the central parts of metropolitan Toronto, but it has many nice attractions to offer that makes visiting it pretty worthwhile. For travelers coming from Vaughan, Ontario, you will have to travel to Brampton first or go North through Kleinburg towards Bolton from the east. It’s well known to be a rural service centre, meaning that many rural communities on the outskirts of the region generally go to Bolton for all of their needs, whether it be related to agriculture, fishing, manufacturing or other industries that are needed out in the open areas up north. For this reason, Bolton is a very important town for many Canadians. The location of Bolton is centered between two major highways, which are the popular Highway 427 and Highway 400, both bringing a substantial amount of traffic to the area, and these are also the prime ways of transportation towards the city of Toronto and Vaughan. Even though it’s a fairly small town, it’s a host to many wonderful people, which includes more than twenty five thousand residents and eight thousand households, so it’s not actually as small as it seems to be. Although it once was a major hub of development and growth, it has recently stagnated and not seen as many people as we expected to join this small town. It’s still an open debate whether there will be more people entering Bolton in the near future. Some of the most fascinating attractions in the north area of the GTA can be found in the Bolton area and the Caledon Region, just like the SmartCentres Bolton Mall. For example, the Bolton Farmer’s Market is home to some of the most fresh and top quality locally sourced foods grown by farmers in the area. It’s a great place to go to pick up some nice fresh vegetables or fruits without any pesticides or other chemicals that many grocery chains usually end up putting on foods to keep them fresh. The Albion Bolton Community Centre is another one of the great attractions in the area. If features cool and unique live events, with tickets for the shows. Depending on what event is being played at the time, it may be a good option for families seeking some entertainment in Bolton. There are also many places to see beautiful animals and wildlife, whether it’s at a zoo like Totally Toronto, which has cute little baby giraffes. There are other places too if you do the research where you can pet nice animals and the kids can enjoy it very much. Some good places to stay the night include the Bolton Inn which is one of the traditional hotels in the area that offers full service amenities. Another good place to check in for the night is the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Bolton for a nice luxurious stay in the city. More in our link about Things to Do near Bolton.