Luxury Home Decor Ideas

After analyzing the biggest home decor trends for 2017, we decided to come up with 24 luxury home decor ideas. Whether you’re a designer or a regular home owner, feel free to give some of these a try.

1. Metallic wall panels

Inspired by industrial design, many decorators are beginning to incorporate exterior materials, such as metal into interior design. These metallic wall panels are a stunning display.

metallic wall panels `

2. Glossy Lacquered Finishes

Lacquered finishes are a growing trend in luxury home décor. They add glamourous shine to a room and should be used with a lot of lighting to create that reflective look.

glossy laquered finish

3. Matte finished countertops

On the other hand, you can choose a matte finish that does not reflect light. Matte finishes create a sleek and modern feel.

matte countertop

4. Creative LED lighting

Hidden LEDs are a big trend in luxury home decor. When used right, they can create a romantic atmosphere and add some mood.

creative led lighting

5. Decorative Wrought iron railings

Wrought iron rails with intricate designs are sure to enrich your home. Add some gold leaf finishes to take it to the next level.

decorative wrought iron

6. Artistic Fixtures

If you’re feeling creative, consider looking for unique fixtures to match the feel of your room. This ceiling fan resembles both a butterfly and flower petals, perfectly working into the nature-inspired design of the room. Image credit: Festoon House Lighting

artistic fixtures

7. Bathroom Stone Tiles

Stone tiles for bathroom walls are becoming very popular. When used in the shower, these tiles can make a luxurious addition.

luxury home decor shower

8. Coffered Wall Design

With coffered ceilings making their way into many homes, designers can take inspiration from this and apply this design to wooden walls and doors.

coffered wall design

9. Contrasting Drapery

Accent tones can be added to a white room to add some contrast. The result is a clean and organized looking space.

contrasting drapery

10. Decorative Accent Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper is in for 2017, and accent walls are just one of many ways to use this feature. The following photo shows a good example of accent wallpaper in a modern setting.

wallpaper accent wall

11. Flora with Natural Light

If you have plenty of natural light coming through, it might be a great idea to add some indoor plants. This combination creates a clean and fresh atmosphere.

flora natural light

12. Full Height Fireplace

Full-height fireplaces are a nice alternative to the classic setup. They work especially well for rooms with tall ceilings to make the room feel bigger.

full height fireplace

13. Green Floral Design

Many designers agree that green is back in for 2017. Green accents and floral wallpaper might be just what you need to get that natural vibe.

green floral design

14. Industrial Design Ceiling Fixtures

With the industrial style being one of the most popular in the last few years, decorators can incorporate some elements into their own projects. Here is an example of industrial ceiling fixtures being used with contemporary furniture.

industrial ceiling fixtures

15. LED Tray Ceiling

The LED lit tray ceiling is perfect for adding a modern feel to a traditional or transitional home. It can be found in restaurants, hotels, and homes around the world.


16. Metallic Countertops

Countertops with a metallic sheen work very well with a kitchen that centres around stainless steel. The following photo is a good example.

metallic countertops

17. Minimalist Tray Ceilings

Even in minimalist homes, tray ceilings can also be impactful. Here’s an example of a simple tray that adds depth to a plain ceiling.

minimalist tray ceiling

18. Stainless Steel Tubs

Freestanding tubs are one of the biggest luxury home decor trends in 2017. One idea to add to these tubs is a stainless-steel finish, creating an industrial style feel.

stainless steel tub

19. Stone Accent Wall

With exterior materials finding their way into the interiors of homes, stone accent walls is the perfect way to piggy-back on this trend and create something spectacular.

stone accent wall

20. Stone Basement Walls

Why stop at accent walls? Some decorators are beginning to fully decorate basement walls with stones tiles. Interesting, isn’t it?

stone walled basement

21. Textured Furniture

Textured furniture is a huge trend for 2017. Picking highly textured materials for furniture makes it stand out more and contrast with the room’s backdrop. Statum Design’s article on Texture is a useful resource for picking the right fabrics for your home.

textured furniture

22. Textured Wall Niches

Combining two big trends often leads to fascinating results. LED-lit niches and textured materials can be used together to create a beautiful look in an office.

textured wall niches

23. Transparent Furniture and Decor

Transparent, glass or mirrored décor makes a great addition to industrial and modern style rooms.

transparent furniture decor

24. Velvet Decorative Furniture

Velvet is another big trend for luxury home décor in 2017. Dark coloured velvet works perfectly when paired with luxurious decorative furniture.

velvet furniture