How to spend time in North York

North York is an area of the GTA located north of Toronto and south east of Vaughan. Its not hard to get to from Vaughan, if you are ever planning on travelling there. Never the less, I’ll go over all kinds of interesting things you can do there to spend time; everything from food to drinks to sports, leisure activities and so on. The list is basically endless because North York is such a fun area to be in, but I’ll get to it anyway. North York has some headquarters in North York City Centre and it is formerly part of the city of York, its located in the Metropolitan Toronto Region, close to the York Durham Region where Vaughan is located. To the west you can see that Etobicoke is on that side of North York, whereas on the other side there is Scarborough. It’s got a lot of diverse neighbourhoods and is home to people from all over the world of many cultures, many religions and so on. These people often live in distinct areas of the city. To give an example, Yonge Street and Victoria Park Avenue is home to many Chinese cultural groups, whereas South Asians generally populate the Emery and Flemingdon Park communities. Overall, more than 57% of North York people have not been born in Canada, so this place is quite diverse compared to other areas of Canada and North America as a whole.

Getting to the fun part of this article, let’s talk about the many fun activities you can take part in on your stay in North York. The First thing we can look at is related to museums, arts and culture of the city. You can find the spectacular Ontario Science Centre in the heart of Don Mills Road, where there are many cool things to see about science and understand the planet. All parts of Earth are explored here, from under the see, to up in the atmosphere, there is so much to learn, and you are guaranteed to come out smarter every time you visit this museum. The kids would live to spend some time here and learn the many interesting facts that this place has to offer. Another cool place to visit is the Black Creek Pioneer Village, which basically is a historical village of the early European settlers in the North York region, complete with many artifacts, buildings and educational programs which were prevalent in the late 18th century and early 19th century. This place is a fantastic family get away where you get the full experience that early Canadians had and you can feel the kind of life they must have lived, complete with the difficulties and the adventures that were so common in those times. For someone looking to enjoy some sports during their stay in North York, check out the Don Valley Golf Course. This outstanding club is home to some of the nicest green fields, always maintaining pristine conditions for playing some golf. Learn more about this article in this link featuring how to spend time in North York.