Fun Things To See in Richmond Hill

This article is going to talk about the many activities you might want to take part in on your visit to Richmond Hill. It can be for anyone who lives in the area or if you are venturing about from other areas of the GTA or even travelling from abroad from across the world. No matter the way you got here, hopefully this post will be helpful in getting you to successfully plan your day in the Richmond Hill area.

Richmond Hill is considered the biggest town in the GTA, and probably one of the largest in Canada. It’s located in the York Region of Ontario. The town office is on the corner of Highway 7 and East Beaver Creek Road. A little north, a little nicer is the unofficial motto, and we really like this. It’s true that once you escape the crowdedness and pollution of the central old Toronto area, you will find nice enjoyment in the fresh air and scenery of this wonderful little town.

For recreation, there are one hundred and sixty six parks in the town’s parks and recreation department. Richmond Green Sports Centre is the biggest park in the city with many amenities and attractions for all sorts of people, whether you are into baseball, skating or live performances. Even for those interested in BMX or skateboarding, this park has a wonderful skate park for you or your children to enjoy some exciting fun. There are also a bunch of swimming pools in the city, six to be exact. Also there is a large indoor wave pool which is very fun for the kids. The town also features a gorgeous museum with all of the town’s history ever since its inception in 1877. There are many cool artifacts to see with interesting stories and articles written by professional historians on the analysis of the town and the many changes that have happened over the one hundred and forty or so years that Richmond Hill has existed. Additionally, the town offers some amazing country clubs and golf courses, including the Richmond Hill Country Club, Summit Golf club and may more. The town also has some great sports clubs to check out at their live games for curling and hockey. This is a really fun thing to do in the evening as you can cheer on your fellow town-mates and hope that they win some exciting fast paced games. The two main teams in the city are the Richmond Hill Curling Club and the Rams which is a Junior A Hockey Club. Some of the best attractions in the city are as follows: the Eyer Homestead Ropes Challenge Course, The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, and the Heritage centre as mentioned before. Our personal favorite is the Bayview Hill Community Centre & Pool, which we have conveniently attached a map for. All of these great activities are perfect choices for spending a day in the city, and they should all be carefully considered to make sure you have the time of your life on your next visit to Richmond Hill.

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