Awesome Stores at Promenade in Thornhill, Vaughan

The Promenade Shopping Centre is located in Thornhill, Vaughan, Ontario Canada in the York Region of the GTA. It’s a large regional shopping area with over 150 unique stores of all different categories to choose from. It’s a great place to visit as a family, or alone to pick up anything you need from the stores, including clothing, food, home accessories, electronics, entertainment solutions and anything else that is important. One interesting event that happened recently in this mall is the sale of the mall by its owner Cadillac Fairview to a new company called Promenade General Partner Inc. The shopping centre has a total retail floor space area of almost nine hundred thousand square feet, with a total of three floors. Ever since 1986, this mall has been a key attraction in the Thornhill area, bringing together people from all corners of Vaughan and the GTA to experience some amazing retail stores and delicious dining experiences.

One of the coolest stories from the past year is that the original owners of the Yogen Früz chain that was made over 30 years ago are now back to purchase the mall under the Promenade Company incorporated. The original location of the first frozen yogurt chain of the business we actually opened in this very mall in Promenade.

All of the business and history aside, let’s take a deep dive in on the many things you can do in this mall and the plenty of stores you can find for each of the categories mentioned beforehand. This mall has an incredible array of categories to experience, including books and news, cards, children’s apparel, cinemas, computers and telephones, department stores, supermarkets, electronics, fashion accessories, fast food, footwear, health and beauty, home furnishings and decor, housewares, jewellery, ladies apparel, leather and luggage, mens apparel and personal care and health services.

With so many offerings to choose from, you must first have a plan before taking a day trip to Promenade, which should include all of the different products you are looking for and how you would like to spend your time, be it with your family or friends. The reason for this is because different stores are there for different activities that you might prefer to do. If you are going with children, you might want to stop by at some of the children’s apparel stores including blink blank, cradle and co, Gymboree or urban kids. All of these stores have exceptional products, so you can go in prepared and make the right decisions. If you are looking for phone or computer repair, or if you are just trying to find a new service provider for your mobile data services, there are a bunch of providing companies that can help you out. For example, some of these include bell world, cellrox, fido, freedom mobile, Koodo Mobile, Rogers Wireless, Telus and more. These stores might be located at a kiosk or at their own standalone location. For more information about The Promenade Shopping centre and more things to do in the Vaughan area, find our link about Stores located in Vaughan Ontario.