Attractions around Bayview Village Shopping Centre Richmond Hill

Bayview Village is located in Richmond Hill, in the GTA Ontario, also close to Vaughan in the York Durham Region. It is part of the Don Valley North riding and also the Willowdale district. Its considered a neighborhood and not actually a city or a town, and this makes sense considering it only hosts a population of around fifteen thousand people. The area has various borders and boundaries by major roads that make it extra convenient to travel to the area, as these roads go to all areas of the region, bringing people from Toronto, Vaughan to the west, and Markham to the east to come check out the great amenities and attractions that Bayview Village has to offer. These roads include Finch Avenue East, Leslie Street, Highway 401, which is Canada’s largest highway and traverses all the way from the west of Canada to the East. It goes all through Ontario, it’s pretty huge. The last bordering street is Sheppard Avenue East, but it also goes near the Don River on the East, which is the famous river located in this area of Richmond Hill and North York.

Ever since 1954, the Bayview Village has existed and led by a group called the Farlinger Development Ltd. One notable mention of this neighbourhood that has earned it much pride is after it was proclaimed to be the “contemporary living in the countryside, at the doorstep of Metro Toronto”. Faludi was the man who planned the village, and he did an amazing job. It was very well integrated with the landscape surrounding it and the greenspace was very effectively used. That’s why today, this area is highly regarded as a beautiful place to live and boasts some of the most beautiful and largest houses in the GTA. Highly affluent people choose to live here because of the brilliant architectural design that has gone into making this place. The community is also very well thought out and ran. The Association behind this town do a number of events in the area including clean up, meetings with all candidates and many fairs to make the place interesting some times of the year, and also some perennial swaps. More than half of the people who live there partake in these events, which helps Bayview Village be the spectacular place that it is. Even though its in a highly growing area of the GTA near Vaughan, most of the houses built in the village are pretty old by today’s standards. They are generally built in the period of 1954 to 1964, making them more than 50 years old. These houses are surely in need of some renovation to freshen up their looks and keep them looking new.

The Bayview Village Shopping Centre is a good place to view in the area, as its an open-air mall with very nice looking design. It is anchored by big box stores and has been positively serving the community for a long time. Its near Willowdale, York Mills, The Bridle Path and Lawrence Park, making it an excellent choice of location to be in. More details can be found at Attractions near Bayview Village Richmond Hill.