Interior Design Woodbridge

Interior Decoration Woodbridge


Woodbridge is a small but historical town located in Vaughan. It’s a calm suburb known for its beautiful landscapes and connection to the Humber River Valley. Families in Woodbridge get to experience the nice scenery of Rainbow Creek Park, and other surrounding greenspace. Woodbridge is home to many of the GTA’s private land plots outside of the metro area. We find that there are plenty of families looking for home decor and interior decoration services to freshen up their homes. Lux Trim’s team of designers and installers have helped many families in Woodbridge and the rest of the York Region with interior remodelling. We want to help people fall in love with their homes again, and we hope that we can make your dreams a reality.

Ceiling Design Woodbridge

Some of our finest ceiling design work has been done in the Woodbride and Maple areas. We’ve done some spectacular coffered ceilings, drop ceilings, and patterned ceiling compositions. Our designers we can find the perfect options for your home. Take a look at this example of a ceiling we decorated near Highway 7 and Pine Valley. If you’d like to see more of ceiling decor work, visit our ceiling design page.

ceiling design woodbridge

Wall Decoration Woodbridge

Wall decoration is another one of our specialties. Much of our wall decor work includes accent walls, wall moulding, and wall frames. Here are some lovely wall frames we built for a recent project near the Pine Grove area. To see more of our wall decor work, check out our wall decoration page.

wall decoration woodbridge



Our designers uniquely approach every project, from neoclassical beauty to modern design. Our team is flexible and proficient at many different looks.

interior design woodbridge

Luxury Interior Design Woodbridge | Lux Trim

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Want to get the full Lux Trim Experience? Come visit our showroom where we have plenty of designs on display. Our talented team will teach you everything you need to know about our process and inspire you with their knowledge! Find us on Google at our Lux Trim Interior Design page.


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