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Lux Trim is a luxury interior decoration company specializing in custom ceilings and wall decor. We offer professional design and installation for Vaughan and surrounding areas in the GTA.

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    We take a completely new approach to expressing neoclassical and baroque beauty in the modern age. Our unique designs are flexible for many different tastes.

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    Luxury Interior Decoration Vaughan | Lux Trim


    • Ceiling Tiles
    • Drop Ceiling
    • Ceiling Moulding
    • Wall Panels
    • Wall Moulding
    • Accent Walls
    • Home Decor

      • Wallpaper Accents
      • LED Strip Lights
      • Furniture & Accessories

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    We aim to create an affect of amazement when you enter one of our rooms.

    The best interior design and decoration firm. Professional, courteous and perfect work. They are punctual and finish the job as they promise.


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    Looking to start your project?

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